Attack of the Flags on the Brooklyn Bridge. How safe are we?

The Brooklyn Bridge Security is in question here.

This is an off topic post but worth noting, as I have been quite disturbed by the recent news of our beloved flags that rise high on the Brooklyn Bridge were torn down and replaced with white flags. The incident that took place on Tuesday July 22nd 2014.

Brooklyn Bridge










I am quite outraged over the fact that WCVB Channel 5 News Report on this story states. “The bridge is one of the most heavily secured landmarks in the city, constantly monitored by surveillance cameras.”
Here is the link to the story.
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How Safe are we?

After 9-11 this country changed completely when it comes to security and surveillance, you can’t go anywhere without being on camera and having someone watching. Hopefully it’s law enforcement doing the watching. I seriously don’t have much of a problem with all the high-tech surveillance equipment to help protect us for the greater good. Granted nobody want’s their privacy invaded etc. but in the name of safety and security I’m willing to give a little.

So the point of this post is to scream at the top of my lungs about the fact that they brag that this bridge is under tight security and always monitored by CCTV.  (Security Cameras) aka Close Circuit Television. So how is it something like this can happen and nobody saw a thing? This is beyond acceptable and someone needs to be held accountable in my opinion. Granted and Thankfully it was a peaceful incident and nobody was hurt, but what if it were bombs planted up there on the Brooklyn Bridge? You mean to tell me we wouldn’t have any clue about who did it? I’m sorry I had to write this post, just to get it off my chest and hopefully into the hands of all concerned Americans that feel it’s despicable that there was no Surveillance to notice such a brazen stunt.

What does it mean?

The other question that we all have is what was the meaning of this flip flop of flags? There are many ways you can read into this but the reality is we won’t ever know unless they can find out who did it. It just bothers me to no end that someone could get away un-noticed doing something like this. What’s next? Where is all the money we are spending on security for our Home Land. Surely it wasn’t spent on keeping an eye on the bridge!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on this situation so feel free to comment below.

10 Must Know Changes On The New Facebook Page Design

10 facebook business page design changes you should know.

Below is a post I shared via Social Media Examiner. It has helpful tips that every business page owner should be aware of. By now I’m sure you noticed the new look of your business page. There are a number of things you should be aware of. Here are 4 of the 10 facebook business page design changes.

#1: Image size for posts has changed

The old appropriate image size for a post was 401 x 401 pixels. If you are posting pictures correctly you want to make sure the size is correct in order for everything you have on the image to render correctly. Well now the new design gives you more room to play and the new dimensions are 504 x 504 pixels. This is a significant change and something you can take advantage of as a marketer or page owner.

#2: APP Tab layout has moved

Your custom apps still appear on your page but have moved to the left side under your about section.

Facebook App View










#3: The left Menu sections are movable

Everything that isn’t a Page post is now in the left sidebar. Scroll down to see where each section landed.

If you want to reorder the sidebar, you can easily move sections up or down:

1. Go to any box and click on the pencil icon.

2. Click Manage Sections and a pop-up box opens with a list of your sections.

3. Click and drag a section up or down until you’re happy with the order.

Social Media Examiner







Click image above to see original post from Social Media Examiner

#4: Activity Tab Houses Messages and Notifications

The Activity Tab is now your inbox for anything being sent to your page like messages, notifications and mentions. It’s the new inbox for your page. .

I have just highlighted a few of the important changes I feel are things you need to know. All 10 changes are important too but I don’t want to write duplicate content that’s already been created by a great source for information.

For the Rest of the Changes visit Social Media Examiner Where Mike Gingerich has written a whole post with all ten changes. Thank you Social Media Examiner for providing the details we all want to know. I just wanted to be sure you are aware of them and don’t want to just copy the same information.

New WordPress 3.9 Update Review A+

WordPress updates to 3.9 version

This is one of the best updates I’ve seen in the WordPress platform in my close to 5 years of using the site. I always wondered why some of the features of creating a post weren’t a little bit easier and friendly. The wait is over and they really stepped up to the plate with the newest update. If you haven’t been to your blog or site running WordPress I suggest you hurry along and go check it out.

After you do the update you will be directed to a helpful video explaining the new features but just to give you a heads up on what’s been done I’ll sum up a bit for you here. You can also visit to see the video presentation before you make the leap.

Improved visual editing

The updated visual editor has improved speed, accessibility, and mobile support. You can paste into the visual editor from your word processor without wasting time to clean up messy styling. (Yeah, we’re talking about you, Microsoft Word.)

Edit images easily

With quicker access to crop and rotation tools, it’s now easier to edit your images while editing posts. You can also scale images directly in the editor to find just the right fit.

Drag and drop your images

Uploading your images is easier than ever. Just grab them from your desktop and drop them onto the editor.

Gallery previews

Galleries display a beautiful grid of images right in the editor, just like they do in your published post.

Do more with audio and video

Images have galleries; now we’ve added simple audio and video playlists, so you can showcase your music and clips.

Live widget and header previews

Add, edit, and rearrange your site’s widgets right in the theme customizer. No “save and surprise” — preview your changes live and only save them when you’re ready.

The improved header image tool also lets you upload, crop, and manage headers while customizing your theme.

Stunning new theme browser

Looking for a new theme should be easy and fun. Lose yourself in the boundless supply of free themes with the beautiful new theme browser

I couldn’t wait to try the new version

So this post is a first and I can already see the many benefits of using it for the many features they have added. Making it a lot better for sure. I hope you find this info / review helpful and encourages you to update your old version. Let me know in the comments below if you think this was long over due.

Does Google Rank factor social signals from Facebook & Twitter

Signals from Facebook & Twitter DON’T matter

What does matter is the quality of your content. It’s now known that in order to rank well in the search engines you need to have good quality content that is original and interesting. If you think your site is going to rank well just because you have 50K Likes or Followers you would be mistaken.

Google’s own Matt Cutts answers a burning question that many SEO’s and Marketers have had for a long time. At the same time a lot of the same folks thought it was so important to have links coming from Facebook and Twitter. I’ll let Matt explain in his own words so you will have a better Idea. Check out below the video for more information on what works and doesn’t work when trying to gain page rank from Google.

What really matters when it comes to Ranking on Google.

As we all know things are changing almost on a daily basis when it comes to Social media. One thing that has remained a constant is what matters to Google when it comes to ranking your site in the search engines. Let me be blunt here also, I don’t have all the answers but I can lead you in the right direction. One of the main factors to ranking your site is to have Great original content. What does that mean? Well, it means not copy and pasting text from another website and placing it on yours. Even if it is you trying to explain a point or what ever, it’s a no no. If the content is great it will be shared and that is one of the factors that help your site rank. When your content gets shared on Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter as Matt explained above that is a good thing but not what the spiders are crawling for in the first place.

facebook iconTwitter

The other factor is when your website has connections coming from other authoritative sites. This is one of the reasons it’s important to have Social Media pages on relevant social sites. It gives you the link back to your site from at least a fairly prominent site, but don’t stop there. You will want to have links back to your site from other websites. Just buying links from someone who says they will link your website to 100’s of other websites, beware because those sites that they are linking to are worthless for the most part unless it is a reputable person or company doing it for you.

The list above is only a part of what it takes to rank your site on Google but it is what I believe is the most important. For more tips on how to rank your site better and get your business in front of more potential customers sign up for my newsletter, on the top right of any page here at or fill out the form below. Feel free to comment on the post as well.

Top Tweets and your Twitter followers

What are some of your top tweets?

I’m going to try something a little different today and ask some questions to help everyone have a better experience on Twitter. It’s a simple post that I hope will gather some engagement from twitter user’s and especially anyone in the Marketing industry. We all have people we follow on twitter and there is always someone you look forward to seeing what they tweet. Some people have hundreds of followers yet others have thousands and ten’s of thousands even millions. Maybe this is another post entirely but I always wonder if those that have over say 30k followers on Twitter if they purchased a great deal of them or are they actually true followers interested in what they have to say.

Twitter  Lets have a look at some of the differences






Notice of course with Twitters very own profile they have 29.4 Million followers. Which I might add is astronomical 🙂

Then we have some other heavy hitters in the Twittersphere and Marketing world with the likes of Guy Kawasaki A well-known marketing genius who you would expect to have a large audience.

Guy Kawasaki twitter pro


Now lets take a look at a couple more people I admire and follow that have a great number of followers. Like Mari Smith

Mari Smith Twitter Profile

Now Mari Smith is an excellent Social Media expert and a great person to follow to learn how to do Facebook Marketing. She is one of the top Facebook Marketing guru’s to teach anyone from beginners to experts on anything Facebook. If you would like to follow Mari on Facebook her Page is Now it is reasonable to see over 250K Followers on Twitter for her because she is such an influence in the marketing industry.

Here is one more from Pace Lattin, a well-known interactive advertising professional and content creator for

Pace Lattin twitter profile


Now These numbers seem a lot more realistic and doesn’t make me wonder if he has purchased his followers. Don’t get me wrong I know that these people have very large followings, I just tend to wonder if or at which point they may have purchased some followers.

We all know it’s not good to have any profile with just a few likes or followers, Heck look at me lol I’ve never purchased a like or follower and it shows lol Now would my numbers have grown a lot quicker if I had purchased my first 10-20K followers? My guess would be yes. But I was a firm believer in having real people who will interact and engage with me on what ever platform I’m using.

What are some of your top Tweets?

Ok so the reason for this post after all was to get an idea of what seems to work for different folks on Twitter. Please leave a comment with at least one of your best tweets. Something that you think got the most ReTweets or favorites. I would love to hear from anyone and everyone and feel free to add your Twitter @name in the comment so people can follow you too 🙂

Facebook News Feed Just got better

Did you notice the change in your News Feed?

Facebook changes
Facebook updates new look

Well if you use Facebook  on your Desktop you may have noticed a couple changes to the look of your News Feed. We have been expecting some changes to show up since the announcement of a new look for Facebook Pages came out earlier in the week. So this was a bit of a surprise and I must say it was a pleasant surprise at that. There are a couple of changes that popped out and actually improve the look and feel.

Some of the changes you might notice right away is how clean it looks. Images will be bigger and the news ticker on the right side seems to be larger as well. Here is a snap shot of the new look in case not everyone has been updated yet.

Facebooks New Look





As you can see it has a nice clean look to it, the most prominent features being the big pictures and larger ticker to see what’s going on while on your News Feed. Another nice addition was moving the option to set your news feed from Top Stories to Most Recent over to the left side menus. Facebook has been trying to get it right ever since the beginning. The only problem is everyone hates when they change things. It’s always a problem for people who don’t like change, even when it may be improvements.

So with over 70% of Facebook users logging in and surfing via Mobile these desktop changes may not even make much difference. Myself I like them and use Facebook on desktop more than mobile because of the work I do on the platform. Let me know in the comments if your News Feed didn’t change yet. I’d love to know if this was a site wide thing or being rolled out in chunks.

How to create a Facebook business page

Every business should have a Facebook Page

Nowadays this is vital to every business, not only will you be able to reach more people by being present on Social Media but it gives you the opportunity to communicate directly with your fans, clients or customers. I’ve ran into so many businesses that say they would rather not be on Facebook for the simple reason of the risk that someone may say something bad about their business. This is foolish, as you will learn and may even know. A bad review is one of the easiest ways to turn that customer into a raving fan. I could go on and on about that topic but I will just direct you to my website where you can find all kinds of information on managing your social media with lot’s of do’s and don’ts.

Some things you will need to create for your Facebook page. First is a custom cover photo and profile picture. If you don’t know the difference I will explain. Your profile picture is the smaller of the two and will show up on your page as well as any post or comment you make across the site. There are rules Facebook has in place and if you break them you run the risk of your page being removed. Although lot’s of people don’t follow the rules it’s only a matter of time before they get caught and the longer it takes the more damage it will cause as your fan base will be bigger the older it gets. So, what you should do for your profile picture is one of two things and you can always rotate them as well. Make a picture that is 180×180 pixels in size. Create this to have either your company logo or a combination of your business name phone number and website if you have one. I like adding the business website this will let people know you have a website also. Just be creative and consistent with your logo. Remember that is your profile picture. Now we can create a “Cover photo” This is the large image that is at the top of your page. When on your Facebook page you will see the cover photo and your profile picture together. They overlap the profile pic into the lower left side of your Cover photo. So when creating your Cover photo if your using a custom picture with text be careful not to place text where the profile picture will render. Facebook has rules set forth for your cover photo and say you can only have 20% of the photo be text. They recently changed the rules on cover photo’s and now allow you to have a call to action on your cover photo.  If you are creating your own cover photo the size of that picture is 850×315 pixels. A great cover photo goes a long way, a nice version is one that is an actual picture of your product. This is a great one for restaurants where they can showcase the food they serve. Remember this is not permanent either and can be changed out when ever you wish. Although it’s a good idea not to change your profile picture to often as you want it to be recognized and used for branding your business.

So now you are looking good and are ready to add some content. One of the most important areas you can use is your about section. You will notice how much of your about page will show up on your page when you fill it out. This is a good place to place a link to your website in the first or second line of text. Then move down and fill it in appropriately using your business description. Fill out every area available and don’t leave anything blank. If an area is blank potential customers are going to think you don’t care enough to tell them, so the more info the better.

Now you are ready to move on to building custom tabs! This is a must now on Facebook as it gives you the opportunity to share information that was not available up until the last year or so. I wasn’t going to cover this but I feel it is so important in making your page really stand out and look great I want anyone reading this book to be able to show off and be a competitor in your market. There are many ways to create custom tabs but the best and free way is what I will show you as I still use this myself.

You need to be logged in to Facebook with your personal account, because when ever you create a page for a client you are going to be an admin of the page which gives you control over the content as well as management of that page. When creating a page for a client you will make either the owner or someone the owner approves an admin of the page just like you are. Then any other pages you create will be stored in your Facebook account for easy access and allows you to use the page as the business when posting.

Back to the custom tabs. Do a search in the search bar inside Facebook and type in HTML. Select the one that is labeled as an app and has millions of users. You will be taken to the pages app page and asked to allow permissions. Click on allow and select which one of your pages you want the app to appear on. There are detailed instructions on doing this as you continue. Now you can go directly to that new app page and edit it as you see fit. The only thing I want you to know about these apps is how to change the app photo, this is the clickable picture that displays on your page. This all has to be done on a desk top computer as apps do not show up on mobile screens yet. There is a little grey pull down on the top right side of where your apps appear on your page. Click that and you will see an option to edit app. Click that and the next screen will be a pop up window, here you can change the name of the app as well as change the picture. Click the link to change the picture and this will open another window where you will be able to select upload from computer. You want to have your custom app picture prepared ahead of time and this app photo size is 111×74 it is small and you will want to create a topic appropriate icon for the app. So if it is going to be a page with more info about your business you would write the text about us in the photo. Or you can use custom tabs to create coupons and then you could write Coupons or Deals in the app icon. Use this picture to upload as your photo and it should upload it. You may not see the change in that window, just close that window to bring you back to the original window and click Save. Once saved you can close that window and you should see your new app icon picture on your new custom tab/app.

If you have any trouble understanding or following my directions you can use the Facebook help section which has detailed instructions on how to do anything. Facebook wants you to succeed so they have an extensive help section for any topics.

Now your page is ready for content of your own. Just remember when posting as a business you want to attract customers and fans not drive them away. Nobody likes to be sold to 24/7 So there is a good rule of thumb to go by with the exception of restaurants that would post their daily specials. You want to use the 80/20 Rule and honestly I think it should be 90/10 and that means 90% of what you post should be social and engaging, the other 10% can be about your business and sales like. My philosophy on this is if you can keep people entertained and interested in your content. When it comes time for them to need your product or service you will be the first person they think of because they constantly see and interact with your Facebook page. If you just post things like look what we have and 20% Off on this and that all the time, people are going to unlike your page. It is a lot easier to lose a fan than it is to gain one so take my advise on this very seriously and you will have a fun and active fan page.

For more information on building your brand and social media. Visit or my Facebook page at you will find lot’s of great information about building your business on social media on both sites.

Is your iphone memory low?

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Author – Chris Picanzo

How to recover more memory on your iphone.

I felt the need to write this quick post about the iphone memory. I was with a client and needed some video and all of the sudden my phone says memory to low, you can manage your memory in settings! I was like, what. I don’t even have many pictures on here and I’ve had the same amount of apps for a year or more. So I had to frantically start deleting apps and pics that I was sure couldn’t be causing this memory shortage, and I was able to muster up enough to finish the video I needed.

text message

This was a horror show to me though as I was in the presence of my client and another group of people expecting me to film this event. So once I got home I started looking deeper into my phone and settings and I see under the usage tab that my TEXT Messages were taking up 2.5 gigabytes of space! I was like what the.. So Then I remembered something. I text my family a lot two kids and the wife, along with friends and business associates. The key here was that I never delete the messages from my kids and wife because it will keep them at the top of my text list where I use them the most. So I had a huge amount of data being stored in these text messages from just three contacts. I deleted those texts and freed up over 2 gigs of memory! Problem solved.

So If you are like me and store / save certain messages you may want to delete them once in a while so this doesn’t happen to you at a crucial time when you need your camera to work or other apps that require memory. I hope this posts helps someone and you take care of it before it’s a problem.

Feel free to leave a comment about your memory problems lol I’m talking about with your phone too not your mind.

Google+ making waves in Social Media 300 Million active users

Google+ announces 300 Million active monthly users.

During a special event Google announced these statistics that are nothing to over look. The number of active monthly users is pretty impressive for the social network. Also stating that they have some 540 Million monthly users when they included +1 clicks and metrics from websites using Google+ Plugins.

They also shared some stats on the fact that the Social network is sharing some 1.5 Billion photos each month. Source from Performance Marketing Insider.

So needless to say, Google+ is definitely making progress in the Social Media space. This should be a good incentive to you and your business to start using Google+ if you havent already. There are many benefits to using Google+ that you don’t have on other social media sites. One of the main reasons being that all posts from Google+ are indexed into the search engine giant.

Google Plus

In my own experience I notice there are a lot of interesting people posting on Google+ where the content is worthwhile and informative. I don’t think it’s being used by so many people from the younger generations therefore leaving more room for interesting posts from intelligent people. Not to say people on other networks aren’t intelligent but it is more noticeable on Goolge+


Guest blogging do’s and dont’s

Does guest blogging help you rank better?

Not if your spammy about it. According to Google’s own Matt Cutts, he says that guest blogging is a hot topic these days but bloggers beware. Matt goes on to explain in his short video that Google is on to people abusing this trending way of getting what could be valuable back links from other sites. Guest blogging is a genuine way to gain more pagerank for yourself but only if done correctly and with integrity. Google knows that there are marketers just pumping out blog posts as if they were selling hot dogs at a baseball game. Some are going as far as spinning their article too not even writing an original quality post. These tactics are going to do nothing but hurt you when Google catches up to you, and trust me they will. You thought the Panda and Penguin were bothersome rodents. Wait until you see the Dragonfly or some other pestly type update that comes down the pipe and destroys your credibility and your pagerank. Enough from me have a look for yourself at this video Matt Cutts posted on the Google Webmasters YouTube channel.

I would imagine it’s a problem if Mr. Cutts is making a video about it.

If you are a blogger and have been using this technique to gain a little headway on the search engines, I would suggest you do it the right way and not go overboard. Take the advice of the expert from Google and actually create original content that is going to be welcomed and appreciated. Just remember if you are trying to beat the system then you’re not creating good content and you should start listening to the warning being put in front of you. Spinning articles is nothing new and it is easily spotted. It may save you time but it’s not going to be worth it in the long run. So to save yourself a lot of time and headaches. Take head of the warning and start creating good original content that is relevant to your market or industry. I thought this was noteworthy and figured I’d write a post to share with you. Remember to sign up for my newsletter at the top right of any page and be kept up to date on things happening in the marketing world.