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Does Google Rank factor social signals from Facebook & Twitter

Signals from Facebook & Twitter DON’T matter

What does matter is the quality of your content. It’s now known that in order to rank well in the search engines you need to have good quality content that is original and interesting. If you think your site is going to rank well just because you have 50K Likes or Followers you would be mistaken.

Google’s own Matt Cutts answers a burning question that many SEO’s and Marketers have had for a long time. At the same time a lot of the same folks thought it was so important to have links coming from Facebook and Twitter. I’ll let Matt explain in his own words so you will have a better Idea. Check out below the video for more information on what works and doesn’t work when trying to gain page rank from Google.

What really matters when it comes to Ranking on Google.

As we all know things are changing almost on a daily basis when it comes to Social media. One thing that has remained a constant is what matters to Google when it comes to ranking your site in the search engines. Let me be blunt here also, I don’t have all the answers but I can lead you in the right direction. One of the main factors to ranking your site is to have Great original content. What does that mean? Well, it means not copy and pasting text from another website and placing it on yours. Even if it is you trying to explain a point or what ever, it’s a no no. If the content is great it will be shared and that is one of the factors that help your site rank. When your content gets shared on Social Media sites like Facebook and Twitter as Matt explained above that is a good thing but not what the spiders are crawling for in the first place.

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The other factor is when your website has connections coming from other authoritative sites. This is one of the reasons it’s important to have Social Media pages on relevant social sites. It gives you the link back to your site from at least a fairly prominent site, but don’t stop there. You will want to have links back to your site from other websites. Just buying links from someone who says they will link your website to 100’s of other websites, beware because those sites that they are linking to are worthless for the most part unless it is a reputable person or company doing it for you.

The list above is only a part of what it takes to rank your site on Google but it is what I believe is the most important. For more tips on how to rank your site better and get your business in front of more potential customers sign up for my newsletter, on the top right of any page here at or fill out the form below. Feel free to comment on the post as well.

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