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Facebook’s Other inbox

Facebook has two inboxes

Did you know that you have what could be seen as a spam folder for your Facebook messages.  I felt I had to write a quick post on this as it could be an important message you are missing out on inside of Facebook. Everyone seems to enjoy the privacy of private messages inside of Facebook. Knowing that you are for the most part only getting messages from people you are friends with. But, did you know there is another folder to catch messages sent from people you are not connected with? I noticed this a while back and just brushed it off until recently when someone tried to contact me about business and the message didn’t get read for a week. Because it sat in my “Other” folder that you don’t even see unless you open your messages in it’s own window on a PC.  Here is a screenshot of what the Other folder looks like.

Other messages


You should check this folder at least every day or two.

I feel it’s important to know that this folder exists on Facebook if you own a business. Someone may be interested in doing business with you but are not friends on Facebook. So you know what happens when they send a message to you, it goes to your Other folder. Go to your messages tab inside Facebook and look carefully at the shaded area showing what folder you are in. Of course it takes you directly to your inbox but as shown above you can click on the “Other” tab and see any messages you may have from anyone that is not on your friends list. I would hate to see someone miss a potential business transaction because they didn’t get a message that was intended for them but thrown into the shadows of the depths of a spam folder. I hope someone finds this post helpful and will get some use out of knowing just a bit more about Facebook.

The cost of sending a message to strangers

Quickly, I just thought it would be worth mentioning. About a week ago I wanted to send a message to a business owner that I am not connected with. I created the brief message and when I went to click send, there was a message saying. You are not connected to xyz so your message will be sent to their “other” folder. For $1 you can have your message sent directly to their inbox. I almost shit lol Facebook was charging a dollar to send a message to someone I was not connected to. I found that to be very strange, but it was true. Have you ever seen this message? Let me know in the comment section below. If you found this post informative share it and let the world know so they don’t ever miss an important message.

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