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Top Tweets and your Twitter followers

What are some of your top tweets?

I’m going to try something a little different today and ask some questions to help everyone have a better experience on Twitter. It’s a simple post that I hope will gather some engagement from twitter user’s and especially anyone in the Marketing industry. We all have people we follow on twitter and there is always someone you look forward to seeing what they tweet. Some people have hundreds of followers yet others have thousands and ten’s of thousands even millions. Maybe this is another post entirely but I always wonder if those that have over say 30k followers on Twitter if they purchased a great deal of them or are they actually true followers interested in what they have to say.

Twitter  Lets have a look at some of the differences






Notice of course with Twitters very own profile they have 29.4 Million followers. Which I might add is astronomical :)

Then we have some other heavy hitters in the Twittersphere and Marketing world with the likes of Guy Kawasaki A well-known marketing genius who you would expect to have a large audience.

Guy Kawasaki twitter pro


Now lets take a look at a couple more people I admire and follow that have a great number of followers. Like Mari Smith

Mari Smith Twitter Profile

Now Mari Smith is an excellent Social Media expert and a great person to follow to learn how to do Facebook Marketing. She is one of the top Facebook Marketing guru’s to teach anyone from beginners to experts on anything Facebook. If you would like to follow Mari on Facebook her Page is Now it is reasonable to see over 250K Followers on Twitter for her because she is such an influence in the marketing industry.

Here is one more from Pace Lattin, a well-known interactive advertising professional and content creator for

Pace Lattin twitter profile


Now These numbers seem a lot more realistic and doesn’t make me wonder if he has purchased his followers. Don’t get me wrong I know that these people have very large followings, I just tend to wonder if or at which point they may have purchased some followers.

We all know it’s not good to have any profile with just a few likes or followers, Heck look at me lol I’ve never purchased a like or follower and it shows lol Now would my numbers have grown a lot quicker if I had purchased my first 10-20K followers? My guess would be yes. But I was a firm believer in having real people who will interact and engage with me on what ever platform I’m using.

What are some of your top Tweets?

Ok so the reason for this post after all was to get an idea of what seems to work for different folks on Twitter. Please leave a comment with at least one of your best tweets. Something that you think got the most ReTweets or favorites. I would love to hear from anyone and everyone and feel free to add your Twitter @name in the comment so people can follow you too :)

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  • Mari Smith

    Hi Chris – thank you for your kind mention!! You rock! xxx

    • Chris Picanzo

      I’m honored you stopped by :) Your very welcome!


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